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Conservation and development of plant-based traditional medicine.
The Project aims at investigation, documentation and display of local knowledge and cultural practices concerning medicinal plant use in Uganda and Switzerland, against the background of social-cultural and environmental change.....The role of museums as agents of change for effective, safe, culturally embedded, and sustainable knowledge transfer in Uganda
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About this project

Why Traditional Medicine in Transition

In Uganda large parts of the population rely on traditional, mostly herbal medicine for primary health care. However, TM in Uganda is confronted with a loss of its natural, cultural and intellectual re-sources. Not only plants – but especially forests also – are threatened; and the knowledge of TM application is about to lose. This must be addressed if TM is to be ensured as part of future primary health care, source of innovation, and socially and environmentally stabilizing cultural heritage.

Our Aim

The aim of the project is to contribute to the preservation and development of plant-based TM in Uganda. To this end, younger generations, should be made aware of the importance of TM and its cul-tural and ecological foundations. Long-term knowledge transfer and access to reliable plant knowledge should be promoted. In addition, sustainable use and the cultivation of medicinal plants in gardens is supported through interactive educational offers. The project wants to make an important contribution to improving primary health care, protecting the natural habitats of plants and opening up new sources of income for the rural population.

Our contribution

The project counteracts this by researching and promoting suitable ways of imparting knowledge. Among other things, we investigate how (mobile) exhibitions and medicinal plant gardens can be used as plat-forms for transmission, exchange and research of TM as a living cultural heritage.

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