Dr. James Rwehabura Tumusiime holds a BSc in Agriculture (Hons) from Makerere University (MUK), a Diploma in Journalism from the UK, and an MBA from ESAMI/Maastricht. He has been awarded honorary PhDs from the United Graduate College in Stresborough, Tennessee, USA, and Pentecostal University of Uganda.

He is the Founder, Chairman, and Executive Director of the Igongo Cultural Centre and Country Hotel.


Dr. Tumusiime is an accomplished author with several books to his name:

1. What Makes Africans Laugh: Reflections of an Entrepreneur in Humour, Media and Culture (Fountain Publishers, 2013

2. Uganda 30 Years: 1962-1992** (Fountain Publishers, 1992)

3. Talking Politics (and being understood)** (Co-authored with Carla Schutte, Fredrich-Ebert-Stiftung/Fountain Publishers, 1997)

4. Entanda Y’Omugambi Worunyankore-Rukiga** (Fountain Publishers, 2008)

5. Bogi Benda Cartoon Strip Books (The Standard, Nairobi, 1981-1990): The first internationally syndicated African comic strip published in books.

Dr. Tumusiime’s contributions to literature, culture, and tourism have made a significant impact in Uganda and beyond.