Dr. Jacqueline Grigo is a prominent figure in the field of museum studies and ethnology, actively engaged in addressing critical issues surrounding cultural heritage, museum practices, and decolonization. Based in Switzerland, she has contributed significantly to reshaping the discourse on ethnographic museums, particularly through her research and collaborative projects focusing on African studies and political anthropology.

Currently serving as an associate researcher at the University of Zurich’s Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies since November 2019, Dr. Grigo brings extensive academic and practical insights to her role. Her academic journey includes earning a PhD from the University of Zurich, marking her longstanding commitment to advancing knowledge in her field.

Dr. Grigo’s professional affiliations underscore her dedication to international dialogue and scholarly exchange. She is an active member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), particularly involved in the International Committee of Museums of Ethnography (ICME). These memberships highlight her advocacy for inclusive museum practices and collaborative approaches between museums in Europe and Africa.

Her research publications delve into pressing topics such as restitution, museum cooperation, and the decolonization of museum collections. Noteworthy contributions include her work on “Museum Cooperation between Africa and Europe,” examining new paradigms for collaboration that challenge historical power dynamics inherent in museum practices. Dr. Grigo’s insights are pivotal in fostering mutual understanding and equitable partnerships across continents.

In summary, Dr. Jacqueline Grigo’s scholarly endeavors and institutional engagements exemplify her leadership in promoting ethical museum practices and fostering intercultural dialogues. Her work continues to influence the evolving landscape of museum studies, advocating for museums to embrace pluralistic perspectives and engage meaningfully with diverse communities worldwide.